Art provision… what have we been doing…

Art & Design

Students have been working on an art history project. The project explores the history of visual art from early cave paintings to the Renaissance. During the lessons students witnessed mini-lectures, explored the art work of known artists, and were encouraged to ask and answer questions. They also created lots of physical work. This included paintings, drawing 3D constructions and prints.

Design & Technology

Students have been working on a project that explored different products and ideas. During the project students ranked the different products; they then explored the differences products and discussed how the products helped people in their daily lives. They examined oldest to newest products, and explored the need for the different products we all use.


This terms students have been introduced to digital photography. During the activity students have explored and used a selection of digital camera types. They were then assisted in downloading and manipulating images using the Photoshop editing software to correctly crop and balance their original images.


M has used Photoshop to create this interesting effect.


This photograph was created by L and has not been altered.

Community art

The community art group allows students to explore art in new and exciting contexts, such as museums, galleries and other places of interest. During this term students have explored the Liverpool Biennial exhibitions. They have accessed the Walker gallery in Liverpool, and have explored the open air street art of Betty Woodman amongst others.

1 dscf9972

James explores the work of the sculptor , Anthony Gormley, and Bethany is discovering the interactive work of the artist, Betty Woodman.

The students have worked very hard in their weekly Art & Design, Design Technology, Photography and Community art group lessons, and have produced an amazing amount of exciting, creative and personal work. I am very proud of what they have achieved and will assist the students in displaying their work in all areas of our school.

Jon Lunt, Art & Design, Design & Technology, and Photography Teacher