Work experience at studio grooms

Lauren has started work experience at studio grooms, a dog grooming service. Upon arrival Lauren was shown around the facilities by one of the owners Dave, who provided Lauren with information about skills, qualities and qualifications that people need to become dog groomers.


Lauren was given the task of assisting with the grooming of the school dog Betsy. Dave went through the washing process with Lauren and then Lauren and Dave washed Betsy. As you can see from the pictures Betsy isn’t the biggest fan of getting wet!!!

Laurens next task was to dry Betsy, Betsy is always very anxious during this part but Lauren reassured Betsy throughout. During the drying process Lauren worked independently and was receiving guidance from Dave.

Lauren finished off her day by Mandy in cutting Betsy’s hair, during this process Mandy explained the different styles of cuts that Yorkshire terriers like Betsy can have. Mandy also explained and demonstrated some of the cutting techniques that she uses.

For the next session Dave and Mandy have said that Lauren can practice cutting their dogs hair!!

The whole afternoon was a huge success and Lauren is looking forward to her next session.

We at Liverpool Progressive would like to give a huge thank you to Dave and Mandy and studio grooms for providing us with this opportunity.

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