In October 2016 we have started our new working project at the allotment in the local community with the students and staff working together.

This is our first day on our allotment... looks like there is plenty to do.

4th November 2016

So, our shed arrived and we read through the assembling directions.  Now that we had the general idea of what we were about to undertake, we were ready to start building our shed!  Well, sort of.  Before we could actually start assembling our shed, we had to prepare the shed site. So, our first step was to level the ground and lay flags. Then we started following step by step instructions to build our shed.

11th November 2016

Today we have managed to paint our shed and built a new front fence of our allotment. As you can see all our students have been working very hard. Kazii, Kevin and Noel have started preparing a ground for our Summer House by cutting the hedge and Lukasz, Rafal and James have been busy building a fence.

Drone flight over our allotment

Computing at the allotment

This term we will be trying to make a successful video from our drone flights. Topics covered will be an overview of safety procedures, setup and planning for flight, post-flight requirements and ultimately how to create great video.

We are planning to show you developments of our allotment work through this video.

19th January 2017

Today we have started painting our fence and planted some nice trees. We have also started laying paving flags.

5th May 2017

And we’re back… It’s been a while since we have done any really hard work over at the allotment, so getting back to it has been brill! Here are a few pictures….