What people say

Some quotes from parents, professionals and OFSTED

Social Worker

“LiverpoolProgressive have been flexible enough to provide an ‘outreach’ learning provision for a young person who would otherwise have completely disengaged with any type of education or training”.

Learning Disability Nurse

“A very informative and well presented website that illustrates what Liverpool Progressive has to offer. A child centred quality school that works in partnership with carers and professionals to produce a truly unique service”.

Speech and Language Therapist

“Having worked for several years at Liverpool Progressive School, I am impressed by the dedication, cooperation and enthusiasm of the staff team in enabling each student to reach their communication potential. Staff actively seek advice and guidance in order to individually tailor communication targets as well as adapting a whole school approach to the development of good social interaction skills”.

Clinical Psychologist

“Staff have a very positive and supportive approach to their students which enables them to develop individually tailored educational programmes. They have time and patience to develop trusting relationships to engage with young people who have struggled in other environments which enables them to help realise their potential”.

Social Worker

“Liverpool Progressive School actively encourages its pupils to be as individualistic and creative as possible and reach their full potential. They are always professional, friendly and ready to work in partnership. The team at Liverpool Progressive School works very hard”.


“Thank you for giving my son back to me… there were so many dark days before he came to you…”.